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‘’Undeserved love’’ from Lucaïna JOCELYN

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

It's crazy to think that God still loves us, knowing how undeserving we are. He knows our darkest sides, our secrets, our shortcomings, our ugliness or wickedness but still loves us anyways. He still loves us even though we do not do anything to deserve it, we don't even try, we don't ask, we don't even think we need it, but little do we know that love of God is the only thing that is keeping us alive.

Thank you Lord for choosing to love me as I am, with the good and the bad. More bad and a lot of striving hard to be good. I know that nothing I can do will make me anymore deserving of Your love, grace or anything that you give me. I can just fight hard to spread Your love to others so they can catch a glimpse of Your majesty through me. I pray that one day, everyone will get to taste Your grateness, to be filled with Your love and be reassured by Your faithfulness.

Thank You for giving me the Greatest gift. Thank You for keeping Your promises. Thank You for loving me and making me the daughter of the King. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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