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‘’Props’’ from Lucaïna JOCELYN

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I remember that day when the boss of my boss told him that I didn't know how to receive props. She had congratulated me on my excellent work and I didn't know how to answer, I laughed awkwardly, mumbled, said ''thank you'' and quickly changed the subject.

The reason why it's hard to accept congratulations is quite simple, they are nor mine, they are God's. Everything that I am and everything that I do is through Christ who gives me the strength. I'm only a creature, a vessel, without God I'm nothing. You might find it extreme and you probably want to ask me:" What about when you were not saved?" Well, I was still God's creature, living and being able to do everything just because He decided so. The only difference is that I was blind and I thought the world owed the '' thanks '' to me.

Let me give you an example : Imagine that a robot performs really well, and instead of giving a medal to the creator, you hand it out to the machine. I think you understand now, it would be kind of crazy right all? That's exactly how it is for me. All praise, all thanks and all glory goes to God.

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