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‘’ Be brave enough to receive it and to share it’’ from Lucaïna JOCELYN

I live in a generation where loving feels like a sin,

Offering unwavering support and loyalty is the equivalent of being unhinged and crazy.

A generation where the young Christians are praying to have been chosen to be eunuchs,

Where being in love seems to be as bad as having some contagious disease.

I live in a generation where anyone who makes your heart tingle becomes an immediate threat,

Where we have to pray for supernatural strength to go on as much as one date.

I live in a generation where being heartbroken is the norm,

And being heartless and cold is worn as a fashion statement.

I live in a generation where solitude is the shell everyone hides in, a drug that we are viciously addicted to.

Loving someone is considered a total disobedience against the unwritten law put in place to protect us from any sort of pain and heartache.

It's a declaration of war against a whole generation filled with cowards and broken souls.

Everyone is bitter, and everyone is anxious in my generation.

Everyone is depressed, and every feeling is repressed.

You can't be romantic. You can't be optimistic.

You can't abstain without being called names.

You shouldn't desire marriage, or you will be considered deranged.

You have to be self-centered.

You can not let kids alter your brain chemistry.

Dare have a family, and you automatically become part of the tapestry.

In my generation, loving is said to be superficial;

And the love you receive back feels more and more artificial.

The story of Jacob and Rachel is now the fairytale that only the most courageous can dare believe in,

We all secretly wish that we could live it.

We wake up everyday and pretend to not to want it, because we are told to be content and not expect it, but inside lies the secret and silent hope that that we'll maybe get to taste it, all of this with the full knowledge that only those who are brave enough are going to be ready to receive it and light it up.

What about you, my brothers and sisters? What about the unconditional love you've been freely receiving from our Maker? Are you ready to selflessly share it?

Lucaïna Jocelyn

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